MVDF – Dhamma Talk : Audio & Video Recordings


DateTopicSub Group
25 Jul 19Video Recording “What Makes A Sappurisa (Good and Worthy Person)?” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
27 Jun 19Video Recording “Mirage” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
17 Jun 19A Video Recording :“IQ & EQ in Buddhism” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
21 Apr 19A Video Recording : “Nama and Rupa” by Venerable PanditRCD
27 Mar 19Video Recording: “Dhamma Learning and Application in Daily Life” by Venerable Chuan GuanRCD
22 Mar 19Video Recording: Kalama Sutta by Ashin CakkapalaRCD
10 Mar 19Video Recording: Compassion in Daily Life by Venerable CakkapalaRCD
8 Mar 19Video Recording The importance of Dhamma and Meditation by Venerable CittaraRCD
7 Mar 19Video Recording - Dhamma Talk on Vipassana Meditation by Ashin KelasaRCD
15 Nov 18A video recording: “Contentment” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
26 Oct 18“Living like an Arahant” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
22 Oct 18A video recording –“Scientific Religion in Modern World” by Bhante Kanugoile RathanasaraRCD
15 Sep 18"A video recording: Connecting the Dots: Understanding Dhamma in totality” by Sylvia BayRCD
9 Aug 18The Core Democratic Values Found in Buddhist Teachings by Venerable U Cittara – a video recordingRCD
18 Jul 18An audio and video recording "Monastic Life Past and Present" by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
22 May 18An audio recording “Happiness is Free” by Bhante BuddharakkitaRCD
6 Mar 18An audio recording “Protection in Buddhist perspective" by Phra Ajaan Keng RCD
13 Feb 18“Those who know speak little” Audio recording of Dhamma Talk by Sister Sylvia Bay RCD
1 Nov 17“Three types of happiness” by Bhante Cakkapala RCD
4 Oct 17“Should Buddhists be conservative?” by Venerable Kanugoile Rathanasara RCD
19 Sep 17Two aspects of moralityRCD
12 Sep 17Criteria of a BuddhistRCD
29 Aug 17How to maintain happiness in a developed societyRCD
3 July 17How to read sutta and what are the benefitsRCD
24 May 17Have I used my wealth skilfully?RCD
7 Mar 17Why do you need merits?RCD
28 Feb 17Balance in the Dhamma JourneyRCD
9 Nov 16Dhamma in daily lifeRCD
25 Oct 16Is it a taboo to talk about death?RCD
8 Sep 16Buddhism in a NutshellRCD
30 Aug 16Effects of the law of Kamma in our lives RCD
6 Jul 16EnlightenmentRCD
1 Jun 16Kamma Fact and Fiction by Bhante DhammikaRCD
12 Apr 16 The Way to Heaven RCD
6 Sep 15Walking the Path in Daily LifeRCD
30 Mar 15War and BuddhismRCD