Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF)


MVDF Programmes

Community OutreachVisit lonely elderly around Eunos Crescent
Practice of collecting alms food
Library & eLibraryConducive environment for learning the Dhamma
Buddhism In Daily LifeExternal and internal speakers are invited to share the Dhamma with the participants
Sutta Study ClassFundamentals of Buddha’s teachings through selected Suttas from the Pali Canon
Abhidhamma In Daily LifeStudy of how our mind works and its interaction with the body. Topics are simplified so that it is easier to learn and understand in order to apply wholesome practices in our daily lives.
Nikaya SharingLet us return to the original teaching of the Buddha
Spiritual SupportProvide spiritual support to the sick and relatives of the dead. (Webpage currently not available pending activation. Will commence construction work immediately upon authorization).
Oversea TripOrganized yearly oversea trips to other Buddhist countries. (Webpage currently not available pending activation. Will commence construction work upon authorization).


MVDF Articles, Audio & Video Recordings



Sutta Study Class Articles, video and audio recordings of MVDF programmes held at MV.


The Formation of MVDF

It was Bhante Raja who saw the need for the establishment of the Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) in order to cater to provide avenues for the bonding and interaction amongst the ever increasing number of students of MV Sunday Dhamma School. He proposed the formation of the Fellowship during a Teachers’ Meeting.  Seeing how the MVDF would benefit the teachers, students and the temple, the Chairman and his committee of Mangala Vihara gave their full support.

On the 4th Oct 2009, the MVDF committee was formed with Bhante Raja as the Spiritual Adviser.  Brother Raymond Yow was nominated to be Chairman and Sister Cheng Seow Eng was appointed as Secretary.  The other committee members include Brother Lee Teng Yong, Sister Lily Chan, Sister Nina Wong, Sister Lee Mee Yin and Sister Ellen Lim. Current Exco Members were gradually recruited and were designated their individual portfolio.  In 2013, Bhante Raja exited himself as Spiritual Advisor and was replaced by Bhante Cakkapala.

To foster better interaction and to encourage the current students to play an active role in the MVDF, its 3 Core Values were initiated:
1. Learn – the Dhamma to develop Right Understanding.
2. Practise – compassion, gratitude and generosity.
3. Share – our knowledge selflessly and propagate the seeds of Buddhism.

Objectives of MVDF:
1. to enhance the bonding of all current and ex-students, and teachers through the various activities organized;
2. to promote closer integration, caring and sharing amongst its members;
3. to put into practice the teachings of the Dhamma.


MVDF Committee

Spiritual AdvisorBhante Cakkapala
ChairmanRaymond Yow
Vice ChairmanLily Chan
Legal AdvisorLinda Sim
SecretaryAngelin Chong
Asst SecretaryEllen Song
Doris Sim
Communication (AIDL)Lily Chan
Communication (Sutta Study Class)
Alex Lim
Communication (BIDL)Chan Tuck Sing
EventsLily Chan
Chan May Wan
OutreachSeow Eng
EducationRaymond Yow
Chan Tuck Sing
Sandra Koh
LibraryChin Kee Thou
Chan Tuck Sing
Yeap Cheow Soon
Logistic CoordinatorChristine Chiam
Hing Seng Huat
David Chua
Graphics DesignChan Tuck Sing
Safety CoordinatorHeng Qwee Siang
Blog, Facebook and Webpage Co-ordinator Chan Tuck Sing
Chin Kee Thou
Javier Hu
Oranje Lwin
Video Recording CrewAlex Lim
Chan Tuck Sing
Chin Kee Thou
Irwan Alexander
Oranje Lwin
Ye Kyaw Tun